Monday, January 11, 2010

On Saving.

I remember a sign that was prominent in my university computer lab back in 1994:


And most of my life, I have. I really took it to heart.  And lately, for some reason (possibly illness and exhaustion) I have failed to save a few things, and it is REALLY making me mad at myself.

So, I just worked a bit over an hour on the commission I mentioned in the last post.  I was creating a script of it which records the piece as I paint it. That is, it records every brush stroke so I can replay it for others, and so, I got much of the detail into the painting, little fidgety things and then I stopped the script recorder and thought, hmm... how will this look!?
Now, I tested the script program before I started and with my original canvas open, it opened a new canvas and drew the painting I asked it to. So, I asked it to replay the script I had just made of the painting I had been working on, and it began painting OVER what was there.  In fact, it deleted 2/3s of what I had there and then painted the work I had done... in just 3 colors... unlike the 20-30 colors I had used before. It was pretty terrible and now, the work I had done is GONE. Gone, gone, gone.  And it is super mega my fault.

Now, it can be saved.  I shall play that terrible script again, so I get the basic outline of all the work I had done, and then I will go on back and repaint it all again.  But for now, I need to watch reality cooking shows until my blood pressure goes down a little. ;)

Perhaps I should tattoo "SAVE" onto my left knuckles so as to remind myself in the future.

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