Sunday, August 29, 2010


The beautiful and wonderful injunmuffin.  This picture stunned me with its softness and sweetness when I saw it and so I decided I had to paint it- in part because it is her boyfriend's birthday, and in part because she has been really emotionally supportive of me and I appreciate the heck outta her.  I give you:


I may edit it.  And I hope she likes it and thinks I have done her justice.  I assure you, she is many times more beautiful than this painting represents.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Birthday Faerie

My best friend Tracey's daughter turns 3 years old today! This is her present from me!
Happy birthday, Layla! <3

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Aarti's Paarti

I watch the Next Food Network Star every season.  This time, I am smitten with Aarti.  I not only want to learn to cook more Indian cuisine, but OMG, how cute is she!? And so, since I broke the seal with my painting yesterday, I continue on this burst of creativity with a portrait of Ms. Paarti-pants:


I have an aversion to the word "blog."  I shall refer to them henceforth as "blargs."
This should create no confusion at all.

As a bonus, here is a coloring page for you!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Outta Gas!

About every three months I visit Washington, which is two states over from mine.  This time, as I was getting ready to drive back to Montana, there was a problem with my bank account (namely my loving love spending more money than should have been spent) and it took a big chunk out of my gas money for coming home.
My friend, Vez, going above and beyond, sent me gas money (and enough for a tasty lunch). I told her I couldn't pay her back any time soon, and was met with "paint me a pretty picture."  So this is what I painted for my beautiful knight in shining armor:

And no, this is not me.   It is my PT. Cruiser, Eunice.  Really, it is not me though. But of course, it is modeled after styles representative of me .  I, however, have no adorable beauty mark by my lip. ;)