Friday, February 12, 2010

Block Cipher Video

One of my first forays into video creation and editing was had this week.
Luc needed help with a remake of one of his previous videos and requested my help, and since I like him okay, I agreed.

Basically, I needed to listen to his audio and storyboard it.  Then I created each frame in Painter 11 and edited them together using Windows Live Movie Maker.  My favorite frames follow:

Of course, it was way more work than all that.  For a 9 minute video there was approximately 2 hours of storyboarding,  14 hours of actually drawing, arranging, and creating frames, and then 2 hours of video editing (in which I had to create a few more slides that I found I needed that were not storyboarded.  It was about 72 handmade frames all together.

Check out the video all put together over on Luc's channel on YouTube. =)

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  1. Awesome job! :) He didn't seem to really credit you in the section about the video, though...