Thursday, April 29, 2010

On Break

So I finished up about 21 of the pieces for the art gig that I am doing.  More are supposed to be coming in June. 
I have come to realize that my favorite way of paintings is kinda monochrome and expressionist.  I have done quite a few pieces this way, but while working on this project, I was tasked with the following portrait and man, I loved it.  It just emerged out of me.  Instead of sketching out the face first, I just started with blotches of color and built them up until the image was created. I feel like an "actual artist" when I work this way, whatever that means.  I'm just creating and not thinking about it... and more often than not, it works out, really well. So I give you the pre-production version of the portrait which now belongs to Disruptor Beam, LLC:

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