Saturday, May 28, 2011

JRose Dress-Up

Again, as with da Cheeseblarg, since I had to make stuff to do a tutorial, you guys get to reap the benefits! Drag and Drop to dress the Jodee doll up!

And should you want to pin this, here you go! Two versions to link to.


  1. This is AWESOME! And whatta babe! Yowza! People shouldn't legally be allowed to have this much fun. (Love the bunny ears, by the way.)

    I'm having a hard time deciding which outfit is my favorite, but I think I'm going with the green top. You know me, Jodee. I like anything that shows a lot of cleavage. :P

  2. Woah...that is talent.

    Thanks for coming by and checking out the Harry Potter goodness! More will come after the premiere tomorrow night :)

  3. Thanks, Sophia. I actually have a series of Harry Potter things over on my main blarg, I'd Like Cheese on my Entire Family. =)

  4. <3 x 100. I have a paper doll obsession. Lately it's manifesting itself in super skinny girls, but I always appreciate a girl with chubs. This is so cute.

  5. Seriously, I had way too much fun with this. Better than paper dolls!!!

  6. Love this! A doll with cute clothes that looks like me!

  7. I would so love to link to this on my "body" Pinterest board, but it's telling me there's no pinnable pics (I guess because it's flash.) Anyway, very cute, VERY cool. Makes me want to learn Flash!

    1. I fixed that right up. Now there are preview images at the bottom that can be used for Pinterest!